Local Community Gets Involved Using Pokemon GO

In the town of Klamath Falls, Oregon, a group of Pokemon GO players have established strong bonds and friendships over the game. In recent updates, the game released large bosses that you must attack with a large group of people. These attacks are called by the community, raids. It requires groups of people coming together and communicating in order to win. A few of the people in these raids took it into their own hands to stay in touch. Created on Facebook, a group for Pokémon GO players was created. These groups now consist of 50+ players and continue to grow today.

Teams and Players

Most of the players in the most used group, Pokemon Go No Bull****, are based out of the blue team, Mystic. In the end, team doesn't matter. The group happily welcomes any team and any leveled player to join them in a fun raiding experience. The average played in this group is level 33, but there are plenty of higher and lower levels.

Let's Meet The Team

So far, the group is starting off small, since this group was created as an offset branch from a larger group. This group is more serious and determined to participate and help out players in need.

*Admin & Founder of new group

Thanks to this group, the community of Klamath Falls can get out and involved with the game, and new friends within the group.

There is no sense in going out of your way to get somebody to like you.